12Volt Pumps

My Roller Pump does not have the same pressure it used to have. Why?

Over time, small granolas enter the drum of the housing and can between the inner housing and the rollers.
This creates small rings around the rollers which water/liquid can get through. Which then the rollers will bypass
through the water rather than creating a solid seal between each roller. We do sell roller pump seal kinds for all of our
current rollers and some of our older rollers. Be sure to verify which one you have. We can help you get the pump you
need when you call us.

What is the best way to store my RollerPRO pump in the off-season?

1. Flush out your roller pump with clean water well enough to get rid of the chemicals used.
(if need be, take off the cover in order to expose the rollers and flush out that way as well for a more complete clean)
2. Use a light oil on the inside of the pump to coat the parts, if you can, rotate the pump for complete coverage
3. For best storage, place in a temperature controlled environment.