RollerPRO Pump Repair Kits

RollerPRO repair kits contain: ultra rollers, shaft seals, seal ring, shaft key, and instructions.
4900 Pump    Part#RK-4900
6900 Pump    Part# RK-6900
7900 Pump    Part# RK-7900
8900 Pump   Part# RK-8900

Universal Roller Pump Repair Kits

Universal repair kits contain: ultra rollers, shaft seals, O-rings, and instructions.
4400 Pump   Part#44-4000RK
5500 Pump   Part#55-1700RK
6600 Pump   Part#66-6500RK
7700 Pump   Part#70-7700RK
8800 Pump  Part#88-7560RK

Competitor Pump Repair Kits

For Ace, Hypro, TSC, Century and Teel Pumps. Kits include: 11/16″ diameter rollers and Viton seals.
6-Roller Kit   Part#18756
8-Roller Kit   Part#18768

Older Style Delavan Roller Pump Repair Kits

Kits contain: rollers, shaft seals, O-rings and instructions
66-3110 Pump   Part#25227
77-3110, 77-311, 77-410, 77-4111   Part#25228

Torque Bar and Chain

The Torque Bar and Chain is needed to anchor a PTO-mounted pump to keep it from turning with the PTO shaft. Fits all Roller pumps.


Quick Couplers


Bottom Row: 90000, 90100, 90200, 90300, 90400 Top Row: 90500, 90600, 90700, 90800